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A Message From Our Founder

Keuleya Ruth Ble, MD, MPH, PsyDc, Founder

Global Approach to Development (GAD) develops an evidence-based intervention tailored to vulnerable populations to break the cycle of poverty, empower children, and improve health. A global approach to education to enhance the lives of children with a greater return of investment and growth of the economy. A global approach to health to improve and heal the mind, body, and soul and build a brighter future. Our children are our future, and we must take responsibility to educate them.
In this picture, you are looking at our future, who is excited and does not want to stop. You are looking at a structure that the winds of nature can blow down. You are looking at a dilapidated building—an environment that is unclean, unsafe, a ground that is un-cleaned.

GAD decided to step in and improve children’s education. We could not sit back and look at these children learning in an unclean and unsafe environment. So we decided to rebuild the school. People need people.
People need to get together and embrace the dream and nurturing of our future, our children. Our children, young adults even our adults are our future, and we cannot sit back and hope. If we do that and do nothing, it is false hope. Now it is our opportunity; there could come a time when someone may want to give, and there will be no way to give, no access to give away what they have. So now it’s your time. It is a global problem, with our education, unemployment, illness, all the things happening in America, in developed countries are happening dynamically in under-developed countries. So I am speaking to you, saying let’s get together and build a future for our children and adults so that we can be strong together and thrive together. Let’s come together as a nation and continent. I want to invite you to participate.

Keuleya Ruth Ble, MD, MPH
Founder, Global Approach to Development