A Global Approach to Development (providing education, clean drinking water, and access to health care) Is Important to Us, Why?

It Breaks The Cycle Of Poverty

Economic development and community empowerment start with childhood development. Investing in children education promotes growth, stability and better return in investment. We believe that for a country or a continent to develop, it needs to improve the lives of its people. Improving the economy starts by reducing poverty.

It Improves Well-Being

For a child to grow up with strong, positive value, and make positive contributions to society, he/she needs to be guided in developing the qualities of character that are valued by his family and by the community in which he lives. GAD understands the importance of building a brighter future for our children; therefore, we emphasize the educational needs of children in our target geographies.

It Empowers Communities

Quality early learning for underserved children can improve health outcomes, foster valuable skills, strengthen our workforce, and grow our economy. The lack of education and health are significant contributing factors to poverty. Solving the health crisis, and reducing poverty start with investing in our children.

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